The Muru Salon

March - July 2017

In 2016 Moogahlin Performing Arts teamed up with Playwriting Australia to present in 2016 ‘The Muru Project’, an initiative aimed at new plays to be created, produced and performed by First Peoples for First Peoples of this Great South Land. The Muru Project provided a pathway to the First Nations community of Sydney to engage in storytelling and playwriting. An introductory workshop was provided in May, which gathered a group of very curious and deadly serious writers.

Now at the second stage of the path, the Muru Salon:

  • provides time, space and creative expertise to writers as they turn their ideas into a playscript
  • provides support and guidance from established playwrights
  • provides a unique opportunity to professionally develop an individuals artistic life

Project Supporters/Partners

Presented by Moogahlin Performing Arts and Playwriting Australia. Supported by City of Sydney and Create NSW.