Images by Amanda James
Moogahlin Performing Arts was commissioned by Blacktown Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) C3W Program, to develop a new performance and installation work as part of Ngara – Ngurangwa Byallara (Listen, Hear, Think – The Place Speaks) at the Blacktown Native Institution site.

The Blacktown Native Institution was a residential school for young Aboriginal and Maori children that operated from 1823 – 1829. Originally located at Parramatta (1814) and later moved to what is now known as Blacktown, it is one of the first known sites where Aboriginal children were removed from their parents and institutionalised – a practice that still continues today.

manuwi jam ya murong was a large scale dance and installation work developed with local community dance groups and young teenagers from Chifley College, Bidwill & Mt Druitt campuses and community groups. The work aimed to celebrate the youth and Elders of the community, and honour the original usage of the site as a birthing place. The dance was performed on a large sand circle in the shape of a longneck turtle (totem). Images from NgAl-Lo-Wah Murrytula (Together We Share and Enjoy) traces the physical journey of a group of urban Western Sydney teenagers as they walk a First Peoples dreaming track through the Blue Mountains, experiencing the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual benefits of receiving knowledge. In 2018 with an Artist-In-Residence at Bundanon Trust NgAl-Lo-Wah Murrytula extended to include Elders and youth from Yuin country with further combined images projected on to Gunyas and a self-styles ‘mission car’ installed around the project site.

Event Photos


9 June 2018

Location: Blacktown Native Institution

Project Team

Frederick Copperwaite, Lily Shearer, & Liza-Mare Syron – Lead Artists

Troy Russell – Production Manager
Cassie Ebsworth – Community Liaison
Hayden Moon – Production Assistant
Peta Strachan – Choreographer
Darren Compton – Choreographer
Jo Clancy – Choreographer

Project Supporters/Partners

Blacktown Arts
Museum of Contemporary Art

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