Staging Stories 2015 – 2017

Staging Stories
Pictured: Fred Copperwaite, Lily Shearer, Dr Liza-Mare Syron, Linden Wilkinson, Uncle Dick Carney, and Aunty Ruth Carney at Fire Station Arts Centre in Dubbo, 2016. Image by Ali Murphy-Oates.

Staging Stories is supporting First People in NSW to tell their stories through storytelling and performance.  

Artistic expression is a key element of Aboriginal culture, yet there are few opportunities for regional First People creators, artists and performers to develop their practice and voice. First Peoples stories need to be told from an First Peoples perspective and the artistic skill support to do this is currently lacking in regional Australia. Most First Peoples theatre companies and artists nationally, are to be found in metropolitan areas with few opportunities for participation by Aboriginal people living in the regions. Moogahlin Performing Arts as the leading First Peoples performing arts organisation in NSW is acutely aware of the isolation facing First Peoples artists in the regions and is committed to creating more opportunities for regional Aboriginal Australia.

Moogahlin in partnership with Orana Arts in Dubbo is delivering a three year artistic and cultural program that mentors and empowers regional First Peoples artists and community members in developing skill and craft in the art of storytelling for the theatre.

Staging Stories provides regional First Peoples access to professional theatre artists from Moogahlin, developing relationships, building skills, and creating opportunities. Moogahlin provides expertise, professionalism, and excitement. The project aims to create a regional Aboriginal theatre network where artists are supported and developed and new Australian work is created that bring to the stage the stories of regional First Peoples.

The Staging Stories project aims to inspire First Peoples to tell their stories and perform their stories to a wider audience. It gives full artistic control back to those who are the creators and keepers of contemporary Aboriginal stories.