Yellamundie National Aboriginal Playwriting Festival 2015 - Playwrights Announced

Moogahlin Performing Arts and presenting partner Carriageworks are delighted to announce the six playwrights selected to be part of the Yellamundie Festival 2015.

The six playwrights and plays selected after much deliberation are:

  • Karla Hart (WA)
    Tooly is the story of two old women who are the last 2 sisters of their 9 siblings, it is about their bond and relationship and their hearts and memories. It is also about their strong connection to culture.

  • Nathan Maynard (Tasmania)
    The Season
    The Season is a funny insight into the inner workings of a family mutton bird shed on Dog Island (part of the Bass Strait Islands) during the unique six week harvest season of the mutton birds by Aboriginal Tasmanian people.

  • David Milroy (WA)
    Rodeo Moon
    Rodeo Moon is a Jack and Jillaroo musical set in 1969 in the Northwest of Western Australia.

  • Melodie Reynolds-Diarra (Victoria)
    Skylab, a space station orbiting the Earth, came crashing down near Esperance WA in 1979 and was seen as a blue light/star from those that witnessed it’s re-entry, followed by a sonic boom

  • Tessa Rose (NT)
    Life’s a Suitcase
    One womans’ search for connection, identity and belonging.

  • Glenn Shea (Victoria)
    Burnt out from working in the community, Peter has decided to escape to nowhere and try his hand at being an artist. Hope has made the ultimate decision to leave her husband and escape her world of domestic violence. Meanwhile they are being watched by the spirit ghost from country.