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Yellamundie National Aboriginal Playwriting Festival 2015

Every time a story by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is told, the story itself and the act of telling that story is a very real confirmation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that our culture is alive and strong and continuing to survive.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Lily Shearer on FBi Radio re: documentary project "Bre & Back"

We are proud of Moogahlin's Creative Producer, Lily Shearer who did a great interview yesterday on FBi radio's Canvas art program in regards to her involvement in the documentary project, "Bre & Back".

INVITATION - The Cakeman by Robert J Merritt 40th Anniversary play reading

First performed by the Black Theatre at the Black Theatre Arts and Culture Centre, Sydney, on 12th January 1975, Robert J. Merritt’s The Cake Man is a powerful and poignant Australian story about mission life in Cowra, during the Aboriginal protection era. It is a moving portrayal of Aboriginal family life set against the harsh realities of a paternalistic social and political doctrine