Lily and Fred will be travelling to Brisbane on the 15th of February and representing Moogahlin at the BLACKFULLA BOOTCAMP - GET MARKET READY LEADERSHIP course 2014.

The Blackfulla Bootcamp will be held over 4 different stages, and includes attendance at APAM and Long Paddock. APAM is the Australian Performing Arts Market, and it is the largest international showcase of performing arts from Australia and the Pacific and has been held every two years since 1994. Long Paddock is a twice yearly event that brings together presenters and producers of the performing arts from all around Australia to generate national tours.

The first bootcamp will be held in Brisbane on Sunday 16th and Monday 17th February 2014, and hosted by Market Development expert Paul McGill, and you will be supported to attend APAM every day until it finishes on Saturday 22nd February 2014.

Post APAM closing lunch, your second bootcamp will be a debrief and follow up session that afternoon Saturday 22nd February.

The next bootcamp will be held on the 12>th March 2014, followed by Long Paddock on the 13th and 14th March and a final bootcamp on the 15th March 2014.


Aligning the workshops to major national market/industry events will enable you to prepare for market, penetrate the buyers at the markets and develop long-term relationships with buyers nationally and internationally. You will also develop the skills required to rigorously plan strategic touring and understanding of when to present work at a market, with the idea of enabling competitive applications for future markets.