iDNA by Collective

Identity, history and the science of the family tree.

Since time immemorial, people have looked to their family tree to answer the age-old question ‘who am I’. In the past, we’ve relied on books, official documents and family folklore to fill the gaps. Now, however, DNA coding and genetic testing is radically changing the way we research our identity. By simply spitting in a test tube you can find out exactly what your cultural heritage is down to the last 1%. But is it a true representation of who you are? What does it mean if your spit reveals that your family is much larger and more diverse than you ever believed possible? What makes you, you?

Eleven artists explore humanity’s communal family tree in iDNA, a new devised performance by Collective 2016.


Created & performed by: Bonnie Cowan, Emily Dash, Alison Eaton, Alex Ford, Cheryn Frost, Jorjia Gillis, Cath McNamara, Keila Terencio, Anna Thomsen, Sam Wang and Natalie Wilson.

Past Projects

PACT Centre for Emerging Artsists,
107 Railway Parade, Newtown,
New South Wales 2043

16 – 26 November 2016

Creative Team

Co­Directors: Fred Copperwaite and Katrina Douglas
Sound Design: Thomas ES Kelly
Video: Carla Zimbler
Lighting Design: Alex Torney
Stage manager: Jamie Livingstone
Co-produced by PACT centre for emerging artists and Moogahlin Performing Arts

Supported by: Young Henrys

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