Fire Bucket

Credit: Uncle Wes Marne, NgAl-Lo-Wah Murrytuly 2016. Image by Amanda James.
Stories, dreams and wisdom in the backyard....

Uncle Wes Marne is a 95 year old Bigambul man and community elder. He has lived in Mt Druitt for the past 45 years. At the age of 9 the government walked his family off tribal lands from the Stanthorpe Hills to Deadbird Mission, Ashford. At 95, Uncle Wes is committed to sharing the ancient knowledge of his grandfather’s creation and dreaming stories, and his personal experiences of his life as a Bigambul man over the last century.

Following the successful sold out Sydney Festival 2016 premier of Fire Bucket, Uncle Wes will be working with a team of artists to further record and share his stories as audio and film.

As a performance, Uncle Wes invites you to gather with him around the fire bucket to move backwards and forwards across time. No night will be the same. Fire Bucket is available for short tours in 2017, and is also in development as an extended film project.

‘I want what I know to be passed on before I cark it. I want people to know that these things really happened. Not only the Aboriginal people, I want other people to know...I want to pass on what knowledge that I have.

‘If I don’t pass it on, all this is going to be lost... A lot of people who we are talking to wasn’t told to them because they were too young to go through these things. I think that if people take notice of what I am talking about, they will come forward with some of the things they went through at the same time too.’

- Uncle Wes Marne

Fire Bucket was originally developed by Wes Marne and Alicia Talbot in collaboration with Neil Simpson, Lily Shearer, and Amanda James.

Project Supporters/Partners

Produced by Moogahlin Performing Arts with Alicia Talbot. Fire Bucket film project is supported by the Bundanon Trust, and the NSW Government through Create NSW and Department of Aboriginal Affairs NSW. Fire Bucket tour development is supported by Create NSW, Department of Aboriginal Affairs NSW, and Arts on Tour.


9 & 10 May, Yirramboi Festival
Meat Market, Melbourne

3 & 14 July, Way Out West Festival for Children
Casula Powerhouse

Project Team

Lead Artist: Uncle Wes Marne


Producers: Lily Shearer (Moogahlin Performing Arts), Alicia Talbot, Maya Newell
Director: Maya Newell
Cinematographer & Sound: Michael Steel


Producers: Lily Shearer & Alicia Talbot
Production Manager: Neil Simpson

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